Wednesday, February 22, 2006

AI Review, 2006/02/21

Interesting night last night! I really enjoyed a lot of the performances.

Stand-out favourites:

  • Mandisa: Wow. She overdid it a bit too much with the power in some parts, but boy, can she ever perform! What a show opener.
  • Paris: Personally I find her a bit too cutesy-wootsey little girl, but she can really crank it up on stage! Great singing, great performance, total winner.
  • Lisa: She doesn't have the strongest voice of the competition (although don't get me wrong, it is a good voice), but it doesn't matter. Her stage presence and star power is fantastic.

Easily cruising into next week:

  • Katharine: Beautiful voice but I didn't get the oomph that my top three above gave me. On the other hand, I was concentrating more on my knitting than the TV while she was singing, so my lack of oomph could be my fault.
  • Ayla: Very, very nice. A very ambitious song that she did pull off extremely well. I was very impressed with how she gave a good balance of strong and soft, and bringing the audience in with her during the soft instead of just marking time until the next big note. Really enjoyable performance, great voice, I'm looking forward to seeing more of her.
  • Melissa: I was very surprised! Her voice is great and she really brought it, vocally and emotionally, during the intense bits. I would LOOOVE to hear her sing some classic rock, her voice would be perfectly suited to that genre.

Probably moving on:

  • Kellie: I think I might find her even more annoying than Brenna. However, I'm betting that a lot of Americans will adore the simple (read: dumb) blonde country girl thing, so they'll be able to overlook the APPALLING out-of-tuneness that plagued a lot of her performance.
  • Kinnik: She has a voice. She knows how to use it. She has stage presence. But her performance seemed pretty staged - point at audience here, raise arm there, now look intensely into camera, etc. She needs to make it more real, as well as to choose song styles that are going to be more popular with the audience - more modern, less Vegas.

In danger

  • Brenna: She sounded good, but the song was a bit bland (especially given her personality) and I think a LOT of people are going to find her totally obnoxious. On the other hand, I think a lot of people are going to vote for her - lots of people like having a 'bad guy' around. Of my bottom four I think she has the most chance of making it through to next week.
  • Stevie: What a disastrous choice. Both in song and in the way she chose to sing it. This is too bad, because I think it would be very, very interesting to see an opera-trained voice in this competition, plus I like her from the interviews. But she's in serious danger after last night because her performance, well, kinda sucked.
  • Becky: She sounded okay, she performed okay, it was okay. Okay, okay, okay. Given the song she sang, which rocks and which I love, just 'okay' is bad. I agree that she may cruise through to next week on her looks. Heather: I would bet good money that she definitely does not make it through to next week. She was terribly out of tune, her voice is nothing remarkable, and I agree with Simon that the performance was utterly forgettable. Bye, Heather.

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