Wednesday, April 25, 2007

AI Review, 2007/04/24

It's not going to be much of a review this week, sorry. It took too long to put DD1 to bed last night and I missed most of Timberfake's performance. Then DH's best friend called to congratulate us on DD2's arrival, and that wiped out Melinda's performance and most of Blake's. Finally I handed the phone over to DH, who proceeded to talk so loudly that I could barely hear LaKisha and Phil. So! Not bloody much to go on.

Based on what I did hear, though, including the end-of-show recaps. I'd say that Chris seemed pretty meh; Melinda was her usual outstanding self; Blake was bland but sincere and listenable; LaKisha was vocally awesome but not terribly interesting; and Phil sounded amazing.

As for Jordin, she unfortunately chose a song that I canNOT take seriously evereverever, thanks to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy radio series. (It's the song that Eddie the Shipboard Computer starts moaning out when the Magrathean nuclear missiles are about to hit the ship. Absolutely hilarious comedic moment, and it's impossible to take the song seriously after hearing it. Going to see "Carousel" is no longer an option because people tend to glare at me when I giggle through the most moving song of the whole musical. But I digress.) Moreover, she wavered off-pitch several times. So not my fave performance from Jordin.

I would say that Chris is the guy in serious danger this week. Blake will probably also find himself in the bottom 2.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

AI Review, 2007/04/17

Took the week off last week - I was too busy giving birth to watch the show. But by all accounts, I don't seem to have missed much.


Well done, Phil. He was very comfortable and confident up there, taking charge of the stage and sounding damn good. I've always thought Phil had a good alternative-style voice, but it translates to country very well (and highly listenable country, at that).


She's just soaring. Beautiful job. She really could charge up the middle to win this thing.


Ugh. I can't believe he chose to massacre Bonnie Raitt. *sob* Okay, look, he's a nice guy, and his voice is alright - he just has a total dearth of genuine stage presence. It's all hokey and high school and karaoke, and therefore painful. I would, however, probably pay good money to see his dream of Simon singing Shiny Happy People come true.


I agree with the judges - there was a disconnect between her and the song. I didn't get the emotional connection Martina was talking about, and I thought her pitch was just slightly off the band throughout the whole thing.


Not bad. His voice does work very well in the country genre. But I think he was overpowered by the band - and, as usual, too nasal in parts.


Hot damn, she's so good.


I liked it. It wasn't exciting, and there were moments when his vocals were strained, but it was distinctive and a very good blend with his style.

Best in show: Melinda
Top of the heap: Jordin and Phil
Strong: Blake
Between meh and fine: Chris and LaKisha
Ugh: Sanjaya

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

AI Review, 2007/04/03

Very solid night tonight. That was good entertainment. However, if Paul persists in her STOO-pid, sexist habit of complimenting the girls almost exclusively on how purty they are, as if that's the most important thing about their performances, I will have to hunt her down and impale her on her own manicured fingernails.


Terrific vocal! Probably the best vocal we've heard from him yet, I would say. This genre suits his voice surprisingly well, and he threw in some great vocal business, too. My ears were delighted. However, it was somewhat lacking in charisma.


Here's another guy whose voice is superbly suited for this genre. Superbly. That's what I believe Paula was talking about when she brought up the Frank Sinatra thing. Now, some of his longer belting notes wavered off-key a bit, and I do think he could have connected a bit more, but it was still pretty sincere and I believed it. The only other nitpick I have with it is that the tempo could've been more snappy. Oh, and I take back EVERYTHING I ever said about the bald thing. He had stubble in the intro and oh, man, the pattern baldness does NOT suit him. Keep shaving, Phil - it makes you look weird, but it's better than the alternative. I'm behind you now.


Well, really - who COULD ask for anything more?


Weak vocally. His voice just sounded weird and amateur in this. But you know, if we could somehow combine his style/charisma/performance with Blake's vocal, oh, MAN, would we ever have had something. Very good working of the audience. If only he had sounded good.


What is HAPPENING to this girl?!? Every week she seems to make new leaps and bounds with her professionalism, pre-possession and star quality. Nicely done. The only quibble I have is that her outfit (while great) clashed with her vibe tonight. The way she played it, a gown would have worked better.


Vocally, I thought that was very good indeed. I think Simon may have been on a wee bit of crack there. But I was kinda bored.


This was actually a very smart song choice. The song choice meant that he didn't have to be vocally great (and he wasn't), he could be totally cheezy and goofy (and he was), and he could legitimately flash his 1000-watt teeth throughout the whole thing (and he did). But although yes, the boy has youthful charm, he ain't no Fred Astaire. Overall, I thought it wasn't painful, but it was pretty underwhelming.


Okay, what is with Simon and the look of death? Bitch. Anyway, back to Haley...great song choice. I especially thought she did a good job of breaking out of her shell in the first half - nice and flirty, perfect style match. The transition to the second half was awkward, though - it didn't make too much sense and there was no build to it. But overall, I think definitely one of her best performances and I thought she kept decent pace with the rest of the pack this week. Simon needs to stop being such a prick to her.


Now THIS is the kind of LaKisha I remember from the top 24 week! Back on form and "sassy" indeed. Awesome.

Masterful: Melinda, LaKisha, and also kinda Jordin
Solid: Blake, Phil, Haley, and also kinda Gina
Weak: Chris, Sanjaya

Yet another week where Sanjaya is the clear logical choice to be voted the heck on outta there. And he will probably remain safe AGAIN, sigh...probably leaving Phil, Chris and Gina at risk.