Wednesday, April 25, 2007

AI Review, 2007/04/24

It's not going to be much of a review this week, sorry. It took too long to put DD1 to bed last night and I missed most of Timberfake's performance. Then DH's best friend called to congratulate us on DD2's arrival, and that wiped out Melinda's performance and most of Blake's. Finally I handed the phone over to DH, who proceeded to talk so loudly that I could barely hear LaKisha and Phil. So! Not bloody much to go on.

Based on what I did hear, though, including the end-of-show recaps. I'd say that Chris seemed pretty meh; Melinda was her usual outstanding self; Blake was bland but sincere and listenable; LaKisha was vocally awesome but not terribly interesting; and Phil sounded amazing.

As for Jordin, she unfortunately chose a song that I canNOT take seriously evereverever, thanks to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy radio series. (It's the song that Eddie the Shipboard Computer starts moaning out when the Magrathean nuclear missiles are about to hit the ship. Absolutely hilarious comedic moment, and it's impossible to take the song seriously after hearing it. Going to see "Carousel" is no longer an option because people tend to glare at me when I giggle through the most moving song of the whole musical. But I digress.) Moreover, she wavered off-pitch several times. So not my fave performance from Jordin.

I would say that Chris is the guy in serious danger this week. Blake will probably also find himself in the bottom 2.

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