Tuesday, April 17, 2007

AI Review, 2007/04/17

Took the week off last week - I was too busy giving birth to watch the show. But by all accounts, I don't seem to have missed much.


Well done, Phil. He was very comfortable and confident up there, taking charge of the stage and sounding damn good. I've always thought Phil had a good alternative-style voice, but it translates to country very well (and highly listenable country, at that).


She's just soaring. Beautiful job. She really could charge up the middle to win this thing.


Ugh. I can't believe he chose to massacre Bonnie Raitt. *sob* Okay, look, he's a nice guy, and his voice is alright - he just has a total dearth of genuine stage presence. It's all hokey and high school and karaoke, and therefore painful. I would, however, probably pay good money to see his dream of Simon singing Shiny Happy People come true.


I agree with the judges - there was a disconnect between her and the song. I didn't get the emotional connection Martina was talking about, and I thought her pitch was just slightly off the band throughout the whole thing.


Not bad. His voice does work very well in the country genre. But I think he was overpowered by the band - and, as usual, too nasal in parts.


Hot damn, she's so good.


I liked it. It wasn't exciting, and there were moments when his vocals were strained, but it was distinctive and a very good blend with his style.

Best in show: Melinda
Top of the heap: Jordin and Phil
Strong: Blake
Between meh and fine: Chris and LaKisha
Ugh: Sanjaya

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