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The Biggest Loser Review, 2010/03/30: Things get weird (aka WTF?!?)

DH notes that we're now at the point of the season where you can REALLY see differences (and indeed, at this week's weigh-in, they start showing us comparison shots as people go up on the scale). We're both fairly pleased about this. We're also down to only nine players, which leads Ashley to start realising that not only does she have a real shot at winning this whole thing, but now she really WANTS to. She starts talking about how close she is to being in the final four, and we see a montage of all the past elimination moments. This, naturally, is a sure sign that all the eliminated players are going to come back this week to compete for a spot in the house, and that Ashley is not nearly as close to the end as she thinks she is. (The TV Guide's description for this week's show was also a huge clue.)

Sure enough, the contestants (Michael sporting a shadow which actually looks rather nice on him) meet Ali in the gym. She says things are shaping up to be "epic", and says they're going to singles. This thrills everyone to no end (despite the fact that this means the beginning of the dreaded Yellow Line), and they put their original duo colours back on. Stephanie really likes that she doesn't have to be concerned about anybody else anymore, and clearly has her game head on. Yes indeedy, Ali tells them, she can certain guarantee that the next Biggest Loser is right here in this's not necessarily one of them. Right on cue, the screen around the scales opens to reveal all the eliminated players, who have clearly been told to look as mean as humanly possible. The on-ranch contestants don't immediately notice this, however, since they cheer crazily to see them, which is really nice. There is one person missing from the group, however - Migdalia's husband has been deployed (Ali says to Iraq, despite the fact that Migdalia kept saying Afghanistan when she was still on the show), and she understandably hasn't been able to make it here today.

Once the realisation hits that someone's coming back to the ranch, though, Stephanie gets annoyed. She's worked hard to get to this point, she doesn't want anyone getting an easy ticket back, etc. etc. CLASSIC on-ranch player defensive reaction to the bring-back week.

Ali tells us that there will be a vote among the on-ranch players as to which eliminated player will be brought back, prompting a completely overblown and embarrassingly fake-dramatic "Whuuuuuuuut?!?" out of Melissa. As each eliminated player gets weighed in, they will get an opportunity to plead their case. John's pretty stoked about this process, because he still has a lot of good friends still on the inside. And indeed, I think he's got an excellent shot. Vicky, on the other hand, is freaking out because she has absolutely zero relationships here (having been eliminated pretty much immediately after arriving), and that she has not, and I swear she actually said this, "conversated" with anyone. (I weep for the future.)

The eliminated players, from worst-to-first in terms of total weight loss percentage, are as follows:

  • James: 14.85%
  • Cherita: 16.97%
  • John: 17.56%
  • Patti: 18.93%
  • Maria: 20.28%
  • Victoria: 20.39%
  • Miggy: 20.42%
  • Melissa: 21.89%
  • Cheryl: 22.47%
  • Lance: 24.93%
  • Darrell: 25.18%
  • Sherry: 28.44%

To put things in perspective, the on-ranch contestants at this point have total weight loss percentages ranging from 22.15% to 29.48%, so the only eliminated players who are "running with the pack" are Cheryl, Lance Darrell and Sherry. However, the total percentage numbers are not the whole story. I think the more important thing to do is to see how well people have done since leaving the ranch. When you look at things that way, the leaderboard looks a bit different. Here I've taken the percentage of weight that people lost at home and divided it by the number of weeks they were at home, to get a weekly at-home average. Lance is not listed here, as he lost zero pounds since his last on-ranch weigh-in, which makes sense since that was only about 12 hours before this weigh-in...although I did notice he managed to get a haircut in the intervening time.

  • 0.68%: Miggy (2.05% in about 3 weeks)
  • 1.04%: John (5.22% in about 5 weeks)
  • 1.10%: Patti (8.80% in about 8 weeks)
  • 1.18%: James (10.61% in about 9 weeks)
  • 1.52%: Cherita (9.09% in about 6 weeks)
  • 1.65%: Cheryl (3.30% in about 2 weeks)
  • 1.69%: Maria (11.81% in about 7 weeks)
  • 1.78%: Victoria (10.66% in about 6 weeks)
  • 2.14%: Melissa (8.54% in about 4 weeks)
  • 2.15%: Darrell (8.58% in about 4 weeks)
  • 4.29%: Sherry (4.29% in about a week, holy cow)

Milestones reached since we last saw people:

  • James has dropped below 450lbs
  • John has dropped below 400lbs
  • Vicky has dropped below 300lbs
  • Cherita has dropped below 250lbs
  • Maria has dropped below 225lbs
  • Patti has dropped below 200lbs
  • Cherita has hit the 25lb mark of total loss
  • Cheryl, Vicky, Melissa, Maria and James have hit the 50lb mark of total loss
  • John has hit the 75lb mark of total loss
  • Darrell has hit the 100lb mark of total loss
  • James has moved from super-obese to morbidly obese
  • Maria has moved from morbidly obese to clinically obese
  • Patti has moved from clinically obese to obese
  • Melissa and Sherry have moved from obese to overweight
  • James has hit the 10% mark of total loss
  • Cherita, Patti and John have hit the 15% mark of total loss
  • Cheryl, Vicky, Miggy, Melissa and Maria have hit the 20% mark of total loss
  • Darrell has hit the 25% mark of total loss

As for the pleas to come back in the house, everybody has different angles. Darrell sells himself as a catalyst, saying that his drive helps make other people's drives stronger. He pulls out an "iron sharpens iron" metaphor. Sherry declares her love for the in-house players. Miggy has no idea how to ask for this, and just goes with saying that she's "from the heart". Vicky pulls heartstrings. She points out that she has packed her bags three times to come here and is still not on the ranch yet. She begs for a chance. I bet you anything O'Neal will vote for her.

In an interview, Melissa scoffs at the compassionate, lovey-dovey, nicey-nicey friends angle, and accuses the players of not looking at the big picture. It's not TIME to be friends, doncha know. (DH: "No Melissa, everyone IS looking at the big picture, they're looking at their LIFE." ) At the actual weigh-in, she puts on her dramatic voice and gestures to point out that she should come back in the house because she's not the tiniest bit of a threat. What she has forgotten to account for, though, is that no one wants someone super-annoying back in the house. My heavens, what a nightmare she must be in court. Indeed, Koli actually starts laughing at her during her spiel.

Lance gets a catch in his throat during his speech. He wants a chance to fulfill the purpose he's learned he has: paying it forward. (I have no idea what that means.) Cheryl would love to come back and finish her weight loss but refuses to clean the kitchen. (Oooh, kiss of death.) John makes no sense at all. He needs help to "inspire more" but admits he doesn't know what that means. Riiiight. Oh, and he misses everyone a lot. (Now THAT makes sense.) Patti has decided to stop putting other people first and asks for a chance for herself. Michael whoops as his mom starts talking. She's been having a rough time of it - working hard, but it's been tough with everything going on with her mom. She's been finding herself falling backwards, so she needs the focus of the ranch. (Don't sell yourself short, honey, you're in the top five of at-home performers!) James, like Patti, decides to put himself forward instead of other people. When he left, he fought to keep his brother on the ranch, but now he's asking for himself, which he never does. He says it's his turn. Cherita's priority is to bring Vicky back. (I wondered if she'd do that.) She blames herself for the first time she and Vicky had to go home. She makes a very powerful plea and there are wet eyes all over the place, including mine. Man.

We get a quick Brady Bunch-style montage of everyone blathering on about their thought processes when it comes to deciding how to vote. It's over quickly, thank heavens.

Ashley votes for John. (Take that, Sherry.) O'Neal, no surprise, votes for Victoria. Daris, who has way too much integrity to last much longer in this game, totally gets on board Darrell's metaphor train. Stephanie, noting that James has the worst total weight loss percentage of all the at-home contestants, votes to give him a chance. (If she'd had my spreadsheet, though, she'd have seen that the worst at-home performer was actually Miggy.) Sam and Koli adore John, so they both vote for him. Cherita freaks out, since John now has three votes. Sunshine makes her feel better, though, by voting for Victoria, and then so does Drea! So now it's John's turn to freak out because he's tied three-to-three with Vicky after being in the clear lead. So it all comes down to Mike.

Mike tells us that he vowed to always be grateful, because he feels it's his job to be thankful and pay it forward. He wants to give someone a chance who didn't have the chance that he got. And with those words, John's face goes very sadly glum. Because indeed, Vicky's in. Mike says everyone here is bound for great things and wants to be the first one to, tearfully, welcome Vicky to the house.


Gratitude is just gushing all over the place - from Cherita and Vicky most of all. DH notes that the young players now have a helluva voting block. John is of course disappointed, which is sad, but he tries to convince himself that it'll all work out. (Yeah, it will, buddy, we've seen your at-home profile, you're going to keep losing, it's going to be fine.)

However, surprise! It's not over yet, there's actually another spot in the house up for grabs. Ali announces that there will be a challenge, the winner of which will get back in the house. Melissa says this is her DESTINY. (Gag.) Miggy thinks she has this and is planning to leave it all out there. Between the two of those, I'd put my money on Miggy anytime, but there are a few other people participating in this challenge that we have to account for, too.

The nature of this competition is an "up-down challenge", to symbolise the ups and downs of the overall competition. (Groan.) Each person gets a step and has to get up on to it and back down again. First person to do that 1,000 times earns the last remaining spot in the house. The twins are sad again because they know they have no chance here, especially James, who has no cartilege in one knee. Melissa, no surprise, is manic in anticipation. As we get started, Miggy takes the lead, but then drops behind Melissa. (Dammit.) There's no love lost between these two women, as we see from flashbacks. Sherry's also in a good position, but loses some time as her shoe comes untied. (Curses.) Trouper that she is, she takes it off, but then has to take the second one off too, as being one-shoed is too unbalancing. She tells Melissa she's coming after her, and Melissa gives some back. Miggy looks dead. Lance is also near the top of the leaderboard.

So the only people who really have a shot here are Melissa, Miggy, Sherry and Lance. Koli is not liking these options. (I don't blame him. I'd love to see Sherry back again, but she does represent a massive weight loss threat.)

Melissa slows while Miggy steps it back up and starts to find her kill zone, thank heavens. Mike cheers her on, but then Melissa picks her pace, shrieking that she wants back in. Someone shoot her, please. I don't know if I could stand it if she made her way back onto my television on a weekly basis. But to my great dismay, Miggy hits a wall. Her chest tightens up and she feels like she has no oxygen. Melissa, who's hurting at this point, tells us self-righteously that you have to work through the pain. Oh, be quiet, you are not all that. And yet, she cackles. And wins. Viewers all over North America keen in agony.

Lance cannot describe how much he loves his wife. Oi vey, poor man. Although I have to admit that I'm very glad they're back in sync with each other. His beloved wife, meanwhile, looks smug as all hell as the rest of the eliminated contestants prepare to say goodbye again. She fist-pumps as Ali announces that the two brought-back players have immunity this week; news which makes all the other on-ranch players look quite unhappy. Naturally, the eliminated players all get to go home and compete for the $100K prize, this time with a better awareness of what kind of competition they're up against.

Workout! Bob and Jillian return. They're delighted to see the singles colours sprinkled around the gym. Poor fools - they actually think that's today's big surprise. Jillian interviews about how now the alliances are all going to go haywire and it'll be all "game on", and cutthroat and so-forth. But I don't think even she knows just how prophetic these words turn out to be. More on that later, though. First, we have to reveal the brought-back contestants to the trainers. First in the door is Melissa. Bob predicts that everyone else will now have to be on their toes. DH reflects that we now have proof that Jillian is a good actress, given how happy she pretended to be to see Melissa. "She must've chewed through half her liver to do that," he remarks.

But of course we're not done. Melissa turns around and announces Vicky's arrival, who is just happy as all getout to be (literally) jumping in that door. :) Now THIS is something that the trainers can be TRULY happy about. Jillian is really pleased that Vicky has gotten her chance, and feels the world is right again. Bob gives a super-cute "awww" face when he hears how Vicky got back in. He gives big props to the people in the house, who could easily have stonewalled Vicky since she has so much weight to lose and is therefore a big potential threat.

As the workout begins, Vicky suddenly realises that now she has to really work. Well, duh! And the displeasure continues across the board. Stephanie is genuinely pissed off that two people have come back in the house. Koli is super-annoyed that Melissa is back. Sam, however, takes out any frustrations he might have by boxing. We get a freakin' FANTASTIC shot of steam coming off his head!

Bonus video: O'Neal is woken up by the sounds of Koli and "Cap'n Sam" doin' a little boxing. He asks if he can join, and they tell him absolutely. So Koli tells him the sequence, and off they go. O'Neal says Koli really worked him out, and there was no way he could have done that before. In fact, O'Neal was so in the moment that he forgot about his knee. Koli really gives him some excellent training, it's very cool to watch. O'Neal calls Koli a man's man.

Poor Vicky is pretty much instantly roped into product placement detail. The scene is that she's making a week's worth of healthy food. We see shots of the canned tomatoes she's using, but the product placement is actually...Ziploc bags! (These are what she's using to freeze her individual servings.) As Bob blathers on about the benefits of disposable plastic bags, DH, hilariously, makes the patented Bob "talk, talk, talk, words, words, words" hand signal at me. :D Vicky makes happy zipping noises as they seal the bags. Good gawd.

Melissa walks around the ranch for exercise, while Ashley and Drea take a break from their construction jobs and wolf whistle at mean...they lament how skinny Melissa is. Yes.

We then go on to hear how freaked out Ashley is about her status here on the ranch. She is so freaked out, in fact, that she has lost her ever-luvin' mind: she has decided that Stephanie, one of her best friends here, is out to get her. She is basing this decision on baseless speculation made by Koli, who has been Ashley's freakin' RIVAL for the past several weeks. THE HELL?!? Not only is this pretty stupid of Ashley, but WTF is up with Koli? Seriously, he starts talking about how it's possible that Stephanie threw the weigh-in the week Sherry left, purely for the purpose of getting Sherry off the ranch. He admits he has no evidence for this, but HE SAYS IT ANYWAY, adding that he "wouldn't put it past her".


This is even more incomprehensible when you remember that Stephanie is the girlfriend of Koli's cousin Sam. What happened to "family first", Koli? Shouldn't you and Stephanie be ALLIES? Wouldn't that be the logical thing to do, since it would give you a solid three-person voting block, a rather valuable commodity in the singles game? Or maybe Koli is jealous of all the time Sam is spending with Stephanie? Or maybe Koli wanted to date Stephanie and is now all bitter and hateful? I have no idea. But it is supremely weird. Also, I predict that Sam is going to be really angry at Koli when he sees this episode. Indeed, here are Sam's latest tweets from last night:

In response to someone's blog calling out Koli for what he did: "I agree. It hurts."


"Holding her. Comforting her. The lies. They hurt."

Geez, poor Sam. What a shitty position to be caught in. And I was really loving me some Koli, too. I just don't understand what could be going on in his head. That was a deliberate and malicious manipulation if ever I've seen one. (Ironic, since he was the one accusing Stephanie of malicious manipulation.)

However, we go on to the last chance workout. Poundings ensue. Bob makes Koli, Sam and Daris do some serious strength training. Jillian is delighted with O'Neal's performance, telling him, "It's almost boring to see you keep defeating this." :) Vicky is hoping to see good results on the scale and Jillian is riding her ass, like's it the Biggest Loser last chance workout, for heaven's sake! Suck it up, cupcake! The big accomplishment today, though, is that Bob takes O'Neal outside to teach him how to climb stairs. O'Neal hates stairs and walks up them worse than a tired toddler. Bob explains that O'Neal has to use his core muscles to pull himself up when he climbs stairs so that it will be easier. o'Neal looks eager to try, and hey...there he goes! Walking up steps like a normal person! O'Neal loves the Bob-man.

Bonus video: For one of the trainer-led workouts, everybody goes to Venice. That's the beach, not the Italian city. They do laps around the court, as throngs of spectators watch and take photos for their Facebook pages. This is all to emphasize that you don't have to go to a gym to get exercise. More gymless beatings. The throngs clap. Koli loves the fame of having fans and being asked for his autograph. (Gag.)

Jillian takes Stephanie for some one-on-one time, and Stephanie proceeds to fall apart, crying things like, "No, SERIOUSLY, Jill!" (like, omiGAWD), before leaving the gym sobbing. Jillian follows her out and refuses to take crap answers for why all this drama is happening. Stephanie feels scared that she won't go home on her terms. Jillian tells her she's a control freak and that she's alienating herself from her fellow players by trying to manage everything. Does Stephanie not see a pattern with this in her life? "Sure," says Steph unconvincingly. And that's the end of that scene. Okayyyy...

But things are about to get worse for Stephanie. Ashley is sick of playing an act that nothing is wrong, so she confronts her friend. To rub lemon juice into the paper cut, she eats in front of Steph while telling her that she can't trust her right now. Stephanie looks genuinely confused and asks why. Ashley says it's been brought to her attention that Stephanie may have thrown the weigh-in. This shocks the snot out of Stephanie and she denies it, having trouble believing that this conversation is even happening. She gets upset. This bothers Ashley, who didn't want to upset her. (Really, Ashley? Really? You tell your friend that you've been believing nasty rumours about her and are bummed because this upsets her?) Stephanie says her heart is broken by this news, and she doesn't know who told Ashley this, or why, but...but...but...they hug it out. Okayyyy...

Being the sort of person with the need to get to the bottom of things and try to manage situations as much as possible (QED), Stephanie tries to get to the bottom of this rumour. (I don't blame her.) She asks Drea if she seeded it. Drea tells her no, but she has certainly heard the rumour, and it sounded plausible because she's been noticing Stephanie being very game-focused recently. She brings up Stephanie's vote for James at the bring-back weigh-in as a quintessential example of a gameplay move. This appalls Stephanie, because all she was trying to do there was help the person who needed the most help. Ashley and Drea are happy that Stephanie told her this because they had no idea. (I call bullshit, since Stephanie SAID THAT WAS HER REASON during the damn vote!) They encourage Stephanie to open up to them because unless she does, they have no idea what she's thinking and will just assume malicious gameplay is going on. Stephanie opening up, however, "changes everything". (The hell it does. With friends like these, who needs enemies?) So apparently, they're all good now. Okayyyy...

We go to the weigh-in. Stephanie is freaking out because she's had such a hard week emotionally, which could well affect her results on the scale. Vicky and Melissa, since they have immunity, weigh in first, and the results are not too good...although Melissa's numbers are much better than Vicky's (DH: "Well, if she waterloaded, it was subtle.") We also get the big stair-climbing moment from O'Neal. We get buildup music to a commercial, and when we come back, it's time for the Ron-finishing-the-marathon symphony for maximum emotional impact. Yay! Bob is thrilled. O'Neal is proud that Sunshine is proud, and happy that Sunshine is happy. (Codependence, anyone?)

Milestones achieved:

  • Ashley drops below 275lbs
  • Victoria hits the 75lb mark of total loss
  • Ashley hits the 100lb mark of total loss
  • Daris moves from clinically obese to obese
  • O'Neal, Sunshine and Stephanie hit the 25% mark of total loss
  • Daris and Koli hit the 30% mark of total loss

But generally speaking, the losses this week kinda suck. Everyone except Sunshine gets less than their weekly average, and the biggest loser of the week (again, Sunshine) does so with less than 3%. So quite disappointing. Sam, however, is positively chipper as he talks about his meagre 2lb loss. He's very inspirational. But at the end of the day, it's the lovers (Sam and Stephanie) below the yellow line. That blows. DH is absolutely convinced that Sam will ask the others to send himself home so his lady can be saved, and that Koli's jaw will hit the floor when this happens.

However, Sam disappoints my husband no end by putting forward a case for himself. He vows to push others and says he's not ready to go. Stephanie's plea is much more lame, and in fact counterproductive, because she points out that she doesn't push people to do their best. (Not a great start, kid. You got anything else?) She cries unintelligibly and finishes off by saying she wants to be here. (Oh well, I guess not.)

Koli brings out his bitchy side again and tells us that he is completely unaffected by Stephanie's display of emotion. He sees her as a gameplayer and her tears are all meaningless. It sounds like he believes her crying is all staged. "I can't have people like that around me," he says. Wow. Is he ever in trouble if Sam and Stephanie get married.

Bonus video: Drea and Ashley deliberate about their voting decisions. They are down because this is a scenario they've never even thought about. But Drea thinks that what Sam said about pushing others to work is true, and then feels guilty. Ashley furrows her brow as she nods. Drea is struggling with the idea of sending Stephanie home. Ashley agrees, noting that it'd be especially bad to do that after all the crap Steph went through this week. Ashley points out that both Sam and Steph did awesome at home, so that's not a factor. Drea finds herself conflicted between guilt and selfishness: sending Stephanie home would make her feel guilty, sending Sam home would put hers at risk because he makes her work. Ashley cries some more (tissue companies must love this show) and talks about thinking about herself. Wow, it sounds like they both really depend on Sam. And possibly not in a healthy way. What are they going to do when they have to go back to Michigan and Tennessee and Sam's out in California? Learn to rely on yourselves, ladies!

Sam and Stephanie hold hands under the table of the elimination room as they wait for everyone to arrive with their platters. Koli, naturally, votes to keep his cousin on the ranch. (I would certainly expect him to do that even if he didn't have a hate-on for Stephanie.) Melissa is thinking strategy and wants Sam gone so she has a better shot of staying on the ranch as long as possible, since he's a threat to her. (Fair.) Daris is still enamoured with the 'iron sharpens iron' metaphor and wants Sam to stick around. None of these three votes are surprises. The big surprise comes, though, when Stephanie's supposed "friends" start revealing their votes. Sunshine, Drea and Ashley all vote for Stephanie. Stephanie is surprised, and notes that there are a lot of game players here. She's trying not to take her ousting personally, and will keep going. Ashley admits tearfully in an interview that she betrayed a good friend who's supported her during bad times, and hopes Steph understands. (Yeah, keep tearing up there, kiddo, it won't bring back your integrity.)

Seven weeks later, Steph is out shopping for an outfit for her thirtieth birthday party, which is tonight! This is extremely exciting, because she's down to a size 12 and can focus on elements like style and shape as criteria for buying clothing. This is a new and very welcome experience. She tries on a bunch of really nice outfits, does a little fashion show for all of her enthusiastic friends, and looks great. She doesn't choose any of my favourites, but still looks very nice on the big night. Everyone cheers her. She's lost 96 pounds, which is awesome, and we get the official announcement that she's fallen in love, although she doesn't reveal who it is. (That's okay, we all read the Internet.) She's really happy, and wants to be in a size 8 by the finale.

Despite this, there's really not that much to feel good about this week. DH is seriously disappointed in Sam's lack of chivalry, and we're both stunned badly with what Koli did this week. Don't get me wrong, I don't feel very connected to Stephanie as a personality, but I don't think there's any justification to think that she threw the weigh-in the week she lost 2lbs, and I think Koli deliberately set out to get rid of her, and I think her friends betrayed her, and that's just all nasty. Add onto that the fact that Melissa's back on the show, plus the weigh-in results this week were poor...and I have myself a pretty unsatisfying Tuesday night. The only bright spot is that Michael seems a lot more relaxed and genuinely happy lately. So perhaps things will get better.

Next week (SPOILERS)

Look for these potential milestones:

  • Koli could drop below 275lbs
  • Andrea could drop below 225lbs
  • Sunshine could drop below 200lbs
  • Melissa could drop below 175lbs
  • Andrea and Sunshine could hit 75lbs of total loss
  • O'Neal could hit 100lbs of total loss
  • Koli could hit 125lbs of total loss
  • Michael could hit 150lbs of total loss
  • O'Neal could move from morbidly obese to clinically obese
  • Andrea could move from clinically obese to obese
  • Andrea and Melissa could hit 25% of total loss
  • Sam could hit 30% of total loss

Weight predictions:

  • Andrea: 221
  • Ashley: 263
  • Daris: 229
  • Koli: 272
  • Melissa: 174
  • Michael: 370
  • O'Neal: 284
  • Sam: 254
  • Sunshine: 196
  • Victoria: 281

Video preview: Melissa thinks her competitors are dumber than sand, because they are still not in gameplay mode. "Everybody wants to be friends? Are ya CRAZY?!?" There are many shots of her looking infuriatingly smug. Also, we get a few hints about the immunity challenge. There's something about losing 2% of your bodyweight and a big red button. It sounds like you have to be the first person to push the button and weigh in with at least a 2% loss for the week in order to win immunity. Naturally, Melissa is gunning for it. We then see clips of red lights flashing around and a siren going off throughout the house, indicating that the button has been pushed. "Someone hit the button!" a woman says. "ALREADY?" asks a man. From the clips, it looks like a woman's hand attached to a blue shirt pushes the button...but the hand is white, so there's no way it's Vicky. We also see a clip of Sam being treated by Sandy The Medic and sitting up in surprise as the alarm goes off. Drea is in the background of that shot, so it can't be Drea pushing the button. The hand looks too thin to be Ashley's, so it must therefore be Melissa's. (Surprise.) Whether or not she'd managed to lose 2% by the time she pushed that button, however, is anyone's guess.

TV Guide: The players have a chance to win immunity by becoming the first competitor to lose 2 percent of his or her body weight. Each person only has one chance to weigh in, however, adding a critical element of timing to the challenge. Later, the contestants hit the water for a race involving weights. Those who finish may help others complete the challenge.

Week after next: Suze Orman assesses the players' financial health and predicts who will win this season. Also: The contestants balance quarters on a platter to win a cash prize; a challenge to find keys in the pouring rain yields the winners a huge prize; and Bob holds workouts in the mud.


# This wk % Overall % This wk lbs Overall lbs BMI
1 Sunshine (2.88) Daris (31.50) Michael (8) Michael (145) Melissa (28.7)
2 Daris (2.87) Koli (30.27) Daris (7) Koli (122) Stephanie (30.1)
3 Melissa (2.20) Sam (29.57) Koli, Sunshine (6) Sam (110) Sam (31.9)
4 Andrea (2.16) Michael (27.57) Daris (109) Sunshine (32.6)
5 Koli (2.09) Ashley (27.54) Andrea, Ashley (5) Ashley (103) Daris (34.0)
6 Michael (2.06) Sunshine (26.55) O'Neal (98) Andrea (35.5)
7 Ashley (1.81) O'Neal (25.19) Melissa, O'Neal (4) Vicky (75) Koli (37.1)
8 O'Neal (1.36) Stephanie (25.00) Sunshine (73) O'Neal (40.6)
9 Sam (0.76) Andrea (23.83) Sam, Victoria (2) Andrea (71) Victoria (41.8)
10 Victoria (0.70) Melissa (23.61) Stephanie (66) Ashley (45.1)
11 Stephanie (0.50) Victoria (20.95) Stephanie (1) Melissa (55) Michael (47.6)

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