Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"No excuses", episode 3

So this week my distaste for Conda deepened. Clearly she just has to have an enemy of some kind. Mike's gone, so she decided to turn her schoolyard bitchiness on to Cassandra, and then Dolvett (who admittedly looked like he was just trying to shift the blame off of himself when he called her out at the weigh-in). Good grief. I'm also getting increasingly annoyed at Kim's competitiveness. I love determination and grit as much as the next person, but to turn that into insulting your fellow competitors? Not cool. Fortunately, Chism didn't appear to let it get to him (unlike Cassandra with Conda's behaviour, unfortunately). I like that boy.

Also, could it be any more obvious that Emily's relationship with her dad is a huge source of her issues? Yowza.

Still not sure why Buddy gave up his video chat to Mark. Buddy's got small children, whereas Mark's kids are older. Mark's already got a kid with him on the ranch, while Buddy has nobody...it's weird. Unless a) Buddy felt that the video chat would send him over the edge and make him want to quit just like Joe; and/or b) Buddy perceives Mark as someone who will be a big power in the house and wants to be owed a favour.

And speaking of Joe - geez. As was said on the show, his family needs him on the ranch. Loads of people season after season have avoided quitting even though it was eating them up being away from their loved ones. Although Bob was full of it when he said no one had ever quit in the history of the Biggest Loser before. Hello? Can you say...Rulon?

Sad that Lauren's gone, but in hindsight, I guess it shouldn't have been too surprising. A team that wants to focus on keeping the people around who need to be on the ranch the most would certainly be well-advised to give Lauren the boot first. Add to that the fact that she doesn't seem to be too charismatic or memorable, and you have the kiss of death. So glad to see her doing so well at home!

Milestones achieved:

  • Emily dropped below 250lbs (as predicted)
  • Chris dropped below 225lbs (as predicted)
  • Roy (better than predicted), Mark, Jeremy (as predicted), Chism (as predicted) and Cassandra (better than predicted) hit the 25lb mark of total loss
  • Cassandra hit the 10% mark of total loss (better than predicted)
  • Buddy moved from super-obese to morbidly obese (as predicted)
  • Megan (better than predicted) and Chris (as predicted) moved from morbidly obese to clinically obese
  • Kimmy moved from clinically obese to obese (as predicted)

Potential milestones for next week:

  • Jeremy could drop below 350lbs
  • Gail could drop below 300lbs
  • Roy and Conda (originally predicted for this week) could drop below 275lbs
  • Kim could drop below 225lbs
  • Kimmy could drop below 200lbs
  • Megan, Kim, Gail, Emily and Conda could hit the 25lb mark of total loss
  • Buddy could hit the 50lb mark of total loss
  • Roy, Mark, Kim, Jeremy, Chism and Buddy could hit the 10% mark of total loss
  • Emily could move from morbidly obese to clinically obese

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