Wednesday, March 08, 2006

AI Review, 2006/03/08

Kind of a bland night tonight. For the first time, nothing really spectacular happened.


  • Ace: Excellent recovery from last week. He chose something which really showed off his vocals, and he really pulled it off. Very impressive. Closest thing to spectacular I saw all night.


  • Bucky: Another solid Bucky performance. I do like the way he sings, even if country is totally not my style. (Although I would really like to hear what he does with some Springsteen.) The problem now is that it seems to be the same kind of thing week after week. I do think he's going into the top twelve, but I don't think he'll stay there if he doesn't change it up a little and show some growth.
  • Chris: While of course it was great seeing Chris continuing to be good, I don't feel this week was up to the standard he set his previous two times out. Vocally it wasn't as good, emotionally it wasn't as hammering. I think he's going to make it into the top twelve no problem, but I hope next week he picks it back up again.
  • Gedeon: His style of Speaking. Very. Dee-lib-er-ayte-ly. During. Thee. Interviews...just cracks me right up. I don't know if he's trying to control a stutter or come off as thoughtful or smart, or what, but it's a little strange. I do find it pretty endearing, though. During the auditions he kept trying to act like he was all that, but I think it's an act. I think deep down he's not that sure of himself. But anyway, about his performance - I thought it was good. As always, The Voice was there, he showed it off, and got into the song.


  • Elliott: As always, he sounded marvellous. (Although his mike was not turned up loudly enough to hear him very well over the band. Bad crew. Bad.) However, I COMPLETELY agree with Simon, there was a total disconnect between the song and Elliott's vibe. Elliott should be playing intimate, soulful little jazz clubs. Hearing him do Bryan Adams with an electric guitar jamming behind him just felt really, really wrong. I don't think it did anything for him. A more jazzy arrangement of the song would have been KILLER, but unfortunately he didn't do that. I really hope he gets through this week.
  • Taylor: I feel really guilty not putting Taylor in a higher class tonight because he just made me smile SO MUCH tonight. But I have to come down to earth and be honest, it wasn't the best vocally and that crazy manic dancing during the chorus - oh boy. :) Well, you sure cannot say that Taylor does not get into the music. But I prefer his soul-style grooving, I have no idea what the heck to call that kind of moving. HOWEVER - I still love that Taylor boy. I really hope America felt the same way tonight.

In danger:

  • Kevin: I realised something as Kevin was singing - I think his voice is much more suited to musicals than modern music. Can't you just see him in in something on Broadway, that moment partway through the second act where one of the male leads is left alone on stage with nothing but his angst, a single spotlight and his big meaningful solo number? That could be Kevin out there. But Idol material I just gotta say, the boy is not. However, I really admire his maturity and personality and I wish him all the best...cuz I don't think he's moving on after this week.
  • Will: This boy's voice is growing on me. After the first week I totally blew him off vocally but last week and this week he has brought me around - I think he has a good sound. And sound good he did tonight. If my eyes had been closed it would have been a winner. But visually? I gotta agree with Simon, it was total karaoke. He seemed really distracted, kinda awkward and the performance just wasn't there.

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