Wednesday, March 29, 2006

AI Review, 2006/03/28

I waited all week for that?!?

Gah. I don't even want to review it.


  • Elliott: Thank heavens for Elliott. He sounded great (although it sounded like he messed the lyrics a teeny bit at the beginning) and he put out more attitude than I've ever seen from him. Great to see. He seems to be starting to come out of his shell! Way to go. Very good take on the song to fit his style.
  • Paris: While I do kind of agree with Simon that it seemed like someone trying to imitate BeyoncĂ©, it was good performing. Finally, out came someone with voom and pizzazz who was there to win it. I didn't find the song had enough melody to really jazz me, but you have to admit, Paris can perform.
  • Taylor: Not a stunning performance from Taylor, but I liked the vulnerability he put into it and he sounded very good. Plus, it's Taylor. :)


  • Chris: Sounded terrific tonight, and did rock it out okay, but I think with a show like this you have to pick a song that has a little more variety and melody in it. I wasn't that moved, although kudos to him for being the ONLY FREAKIN' IDOL who can meaningfully pull off the point-into-the-camera move when singing the word 'you'. (But still...Chris? Don't do that again anytime soon, 'kay?) I agree that Simon's hypocrisy - one week "it's so great that you don't compromise" and the next "you can't keep doing the same thing" was ludicrous. Pick an opinion, boy, and stick with it.
  • Katharine: Maybe I was hard to please last night (although no one could have been more so than Randy, holy cow) but this song didn't do much for me. She sounded good and put on an okay performance, but I wasn't zinged. She is, however, absolutely safe.
  • Mandisa: Her usual upbeat performance and fantastic vocals, but godrock just doesn't do it for me. Or maybe the song itself just wasn't that great?


  • Bucky: Biggest problem was that I couldn't freakin' hear him for some of the song! Part of that I blame on the crew, but also, When he goes into his lower register, it doesn't sound so great (or audible). However, what I really, really liked was that he started to turn on a wee bit of charisma and start to be a little sexy, which is what the performance needed. And HELLO?!? He has a WIFE? Did I read that caption right?!?
  • Kellie: Kind of a non-performance. By the end of the night I'd pretty much forgotten all about it. Vocals were not fantastic, song was forgettable, performance was enh. It wasnt exactly bad but if she keeps doing that she will be out of the competition in a hurry.

At risk:

  • Ace: What the HELL was that. TOTAL disconnect between the song and his style, and it didnt even sound that good (although the choruses at the end picked up vocally a tad). And when he pulled aside his shirt to show his scar (which I totally didn't understand until the post-performance interview when he said that's what he was doing) my stomach roiled. No stripping on Idol, please. Yeesh.
  • Lisa: I appreciated that at last, we started to see some serious emotional commitment in a serious song, vs. her usual habit of smiling winningly at the audience while singing about love and loss. Good for her. However, there were some iffy pitch moments and her song choice was pretty dumb. (Points to her for gutsiness, but still...dumb.) It guaranteed that no one would be doing anything during that performance but comparing her to The First Ever American Idol. Very, very dangerous unless you either a) completely out-do the person to whom you're being compared or b) do a completely different take on the song. Lisa did neither.

Pick to go this week

Tough to say. First of all we have to take into consideration the fact that the rabid Kevin fans will be redistributing their votes tonight. Where will those votes go? I think probably they will mostly go to Ace, maybe some to Lisa. Personally I thought Lisa's performance was much better than Ace's (and that Ace's was far and away the worst), but I am not America and I don't know much about Kelly Clarkson...Lisa might well go tonight.

I'm not exactly sure who's going home tonight but I predict Ace, Bucky and Lisa in the bottom three.

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