Tuesday, March 14, 2006

AI Review, 2006/03/14

Stand-out fave

  • Taylor: There were some excellent performances tonight, but none jazzed me quite like Taylor's. That was AWESOME. He sang really well, he owned the stage, he got into it, he hooked the audience, he turned on that "Classic Taylor Hicks I Loves Me The Music, Woo!" thing that he does so well and it rocked me completely.

Top of the heap

  • Katharine: Beautiful vocals, great stage presence. The only thing I had to complain about was that dress. Ugh.
  • Paris: How that fantastic voice and that incredible stage presence comes out of that girlie-wirlie little thing I will never know. What an entertainer.


  • Chris: I think Chris struggles with that rock-god-charisma thing. It's something he absolutely has to have for the kind of music he does, but unfortunately I don't think it's something that comes naturally to him. And I felt it was missing tonight. Otherwise a terrific performance.

Good but lacking something essential

  • Elliott: Very good vocals but holy cow, was he ever freaked out by the stage and the audience. You could see it in his eyes - he looked like a rabbit in the headlights. This was very disappointing since the theme this week was totally up his alley and by rights he should have NAILED it.
  • Lisa: The vocals were not totally there. There were a lot of spots in the song where she tried to do something different and impressive...and didn't pull it off. By contrast, we have Paris - also great with the stage presence - who took a lot of vocal risks and COMPLETELY nailed them.
  • Mandisa: Surprisingly, what I found lacking for Mandisa tonight were the vocals. The song took her into her lower register too much and she's not as strong there.


  • Bucky: He had an opportunity here to shine and kind of blew it. He has a good voice! He should have played with the melodies and done stuff with the song to make it more his and more vocally interesting. Instead...he just sang the song. And someone needs to tell that boy that pauses in the singing do not mean you're supposed to just mark time until it's time to sing again. Perform, dammit. Make every moment meaningful, even when you're not singing.
  • Melissa: Poor girl. She said in her pre-performance interview that she had some kind of cold playing havoc with her voice and yeah, you could hear it. She struggled and fought so hard for vocal control that whole song, it's no wonder she forgot some of her lyrics (although to be fair, I never would have figured that out if Randy hadn't brought it up). Given all that, I admire the intensity she was able to bring to her performance. Hopefully she'll stick around next week and her voice will come back online.


  • Ace: Oh, the pain. He was way off-pitch for a lot of the song, he came off as intimidated by the venue, and there just seemed to be a huge disconnect for him with the song. There was no vibe at all. I predict he will make it through based on his sexiness and the fact that in the past, he has proven he can sing.
  • Kellie: The judges had it right. Total snooze-fest. And on top of that, her vocals weren't even that great. Kellie is not a great singer, so she has to make up for that with good ol' country-style spunk, which was not anywhere in evidence tonight. It was just wrong all over.
  • Kevin: Vocally I think this was actually the best I've heard Kevin do...which isn't saying much unfortunately, because I don't think he has tremendous talent in that area. But come ON people, that performance? Those moves? Is it just me or does it seem like Kevin is this year's American Idol practical joke? Which is COMPLETELY unfair to him because he is a GREAT kid. I just hope he gets voted off soon so I can stop wincing.

My pick to go this week


(Ordinarily I would say Kevin, but I think his fans will come out in droves for him and I totally think he deserves another kick at the can after dissing Simon so bee-yew-tifully tonight. :) Go Kev.)

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