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The Biggest Loser Review, 2009/02/03

This week, we get right back on the Joelle Train! All aboard the Pathetic Drama Express! Our stops today will be Lazyville; Relax-your-partner's-back-and-you-can-lean-on-her-to-do-all-the-work Junction; the corner of Lying-outright-about-your-effort and Refusing-to-take-any-responsibility-at-all; and, of course, our very last stop, Bullshitopolis. Once we reach our final stop, this train will be out of service. Do not attempt to board the train, it will not be returning to the ranch.

AUUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH! I mean, seriously! What the bleep is WRONG with Joelle?!? I mean, yes, we still saw less credit being given to her than she deserved - I am sick and tired of the implications that Carla somehow was this miracle weight-loser and effort-giver in Week 1 when she did even worse than Joelle; and I don't think it's fair that nobody mentioned Joelle's commitment and subsequent weight loss last week. But shit, woman! Get your head out of your ass! You had two choices the week after your big success in Week 4:

  1. "Wow! That success felt great! I think I'll keep up the work so I can get that feeling again!"


  2. "Oh, thank heaven's that's over. Carla's back. Now I can sit on my ass again and let her do all the work for both of us."

And hey, guess what happened.

I think Tara summed it up best: Joelle was given every chance time and again, and we're all sick to death of it. (Did you see everybody's faces when Joelle started trying to blow it up their skirts right before elimination? NOBODY. WAS. BUYING. IT. Honey, at some point you have to ask yourself which is more likely: that EVERYONE else in the house is misunderstanding you, you poor thing; or that maybe, just MAYBE, the problem is with, oh, I don't know...YOU?!?) It sucks that Carla got screwed in the process of giving Joelle what she deserved, but hey. I was never a Carla fan anyway, I think she just exacerbated Joelle's issues.

Back at home, we see that Joelle has not changed at all, and her 57-pound total weight loss, while signficantly better than nothing, indicates that she's still not committed. That's only 26 additional pounds lost in the "several months" since leaving the ranch (according to the words on the screen during "how they're doing now" part of the show). And in her meeting with Carla, we see that she STILL refuses to take responsibility for what she did (or, more accurately, DIDN'T do) while on the ranch. Carla, at last, gave her some good communication ("That made me feel like you didn't care about me,") and still...nuthin'.

Frankly, I'm glad to see the back of both of them. All in all, I think the mood in the house will be SCADS better after this.

Also, I'm hoping like hell that Mike and Ron can get it back on track. Poor Ron. His body just can't put in the effort that the rest of them can. And he needs to be there SOOOO badly. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they can really pull it out next week. I'm also hoping that Cathy can have a good week next show, because right now, at 8.53%, she's sitting at the lowest total weight loss percentage of everybody in the house - and that's even if you compare her to Carla and Joelle after the Week 5 weigh-in.

And speaking of total weight loss, we've got some very impressive results after the Week 5 weigh-in, which incidentally, the women kicked ASS on! (Top 6 weight loss percentages for the week were achieved by women.) Leading the pack of total weight loss for the third week in the row, we have Dane at 18.93%. In second place we have Tara at 18.37%; in third place there's Blaine with 16.99%; in fourth place there's Kristin with 16.39%; and in fifth there's Mandi at 15.97%. Aren't those numbers awesome?

Other good news:

  • Blaine has gone from being morbidly obese at the beginning of the season (BMI 40.1) to being merely obese (BMI 33.3).
  • Helen has gone from being morbidly obese at the beginning of the season (BMI 41.5) to being merely obese (BMI 34.9).
  • Kristin has dropped almost TEN points off her BMI since she started, moving from 58.1 (ouch) to 48.6, and is now no longer super-obese.

There are other good BMI successes too, but those are the highlights.

The only other thing I have to say about this episode is that I didn't appreciate Jillian whining about how she's the underdog with her three teams against five thing. Let's remember that Jillian is UNDEFEATED through all 6 completed seasons of this show while poor Bob has been left winnerless every single time. He's got a good bunch of people this season, and Jillian's team was the first to start the unscrupulous game-playing this time around, so I think this might just be Bob's turn to win, and Jillian should stop complaining. Especially since, in my opinion, she has three of the four strongest teams in the house (the fourth being Blue). Of course, if I were her, I'd want to win every single season too, but at some point it's just GOT to be Bob's time.

Oh, and also, the product placements are just getting more and more painful. (Kids love Cheerios! Adults love Cheerios! Cheerios are healthy! What's not to like!) Anybody else find it odd that they were shilling HONEY NUT CHEERIOS as a healthy cereal? Hello? With its sugar content? Holy crap, DH and I could not believe it.

Anyway, those are my thoughts about this week's show. Next week: (SPOILER ALERT)

"The winner of a balancing challenge wins a 24-hour visit from someone back home; one player is sent home following a grueling test of endurance."

I'm intrigued. And I hope like hell it isn't Ron sent home because his body poops out on him. :(

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