Tuesday, March 06, 2007

AI Review, 2007/03/06

Do you suppose that maybe...MAYBE...if we stuck all of these boys into a wading pool and tossed in a live wire carrying 6000 volts of electricity...that we might actually get a show out of the guys with some friggin' ENERGY?!?

I mean, damn! Show some life, people! Augh!


Well, technically this was good, unique, entertaining, etc...but I really keep wishing he would bring out more magnetism to really make his performances shine.


There was a moment near the end - just a moment - where his voice started to get really fired up and I thought, "Oooh! We're going to see something here!" And then...no. Just overall a sweet, smiley, decently-sung piece that was entirely forgettable.


Ouch. I think this was a good song choice...I just think he screwed the pooch on it. Most of the notes were off, and the energy was very restrained.

Chris R.

This was a very interesting song choice. I think Chris decided to show America this week that he can sing and be versatile. So in those respects I think he absolutely achieved what he was going for. The performance was fairly believable. What brought it down for me is that I don't give a scrawny damn about that kind of music.


More life and energy than we've seen from him yet - a definite plus. Which brings him up to the energy level of...the rest of the guys. Not so much of a plus. And what was someone I know was saying last week that SUNDANCE shouldn't be dancing ever again? Brandon pulled out some very - uh - unique foot movements of his own this week. Overall, a good effort, sounded good, showed some life.


I see that Jared is still working in cruise ship/lounge singer mode. Big yawn. Plus, his voice wavered 'off' on some of the notes. And to top it all off, he invited comparison to Elliott Yamin, who absolutely KILLED this song last season. BIG mistake. Elliott has real, honest-to-goodness soul. You can see it shining out of his soul in every head shake, handswipe and otherwise groovy movement. Jared does not have this by any stretch of the imagination.


Rather painful at the beginning. Some very iffy pitch moments throughout. Not as emotionally convincing as his other performances. Great falsetto, though.

Chris S.

I agree with Randy - vocal prize of the night. This sounded great. And he was certainly one of the top energy-bringers of the evening, which unfortunately isn't saying much. Chris! Can you hear me?!? It is time to BUST OUT!!! Please!

Probably quite safe:

  • Blake
  • Chris R
  • Chris S

Anybody's guess:

  • Brandon
  • Jared
  • Phil

My choices for bottom two:

  • Sanjaya
  • Sundance

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