Wednesday, March 14, 2007

AI Review, 2007/03/13


Unfortunately, a certain little girl succeeded last night in doing quite a bit of bedtime stalling, and I didn't get back downstairs in time to catch Brandon's performance. From the quickie recap at the end, though, it looked like his usual cheezy fare.


She has it. She just has It. I mean, that was a pretty boring song, but Melinda is a star and a pro - she owned the stage and she sold the song.

Chris S

I was pretty disappointed. Vocally this sounded terrific. But stylistically this was a huge clash. He tried to bring the melody into his style, but the backup band remained all Diana Ross, and it was just a big disconnect. I think it should have been the reverse - keep the original melody intact, but have the band playing alternative-style. That would really have been his bag. Alas. Also this week I realised that Chris kind of reminds of Penn (as in 'and Teller') - just cuter. :) And I really respect the way he truly listens to the judges' critiques. You can tell he's really taking into consideration the things they're telling him.


This was pretty fun, sounded good, and was just about the best thing she could have chosen from the week's theme to suit her style. I wasn't wowed, but I thought it was solid.


The boy must be sent home. Really. He is very, very much out of his league here. This week, not only was it as bland and hokey as ever, but even his vocals fell down. Come on, America. I know he has great hair and everything, but PLEASE!


I thought she sounded quite good and had a few good moments, but I thought it kind of fell apart after she muffed the words. Add in the usual meaningless Haley hand gestures and I found it pretty weak.


I didn't like it. From the intro I expected something really up-to-date and exciting, but I just didn't find that it ended up that different from the original. Despite what Randy said, I don't think it was "Blake-ized" at all. I was bored.


Why are Melinda and LaKisha even in this competition? Shouldn't they be very busy already playing live to huge audiences every night and selling gobs of records?


Vocally excellent - it was a real pleasure to listen to. I also thought the performance itself was quite charming. Not spectacularly oomphy, but definitely charming.


This sounded good and she had good stage presence, but I found the whole thing kind of boring. I didn't know the song, either, which didn't help. My husband explained what the judges were talking about - the song apparently has this seriously up-tempo part in the middle, and the lack of that from Stephanie's arrangement just made the whole thing fall flat.

Chris R

Vocally this was pretty nightmarish. Although there were some very solid-sounding parts, the majority of it was pretty painful to listen to. He did do a pretty good job of making the song contemporary, but in my book, if it sounds bad when you do that, say goodnight.


This is the most mature performance I've seen out of her yet. Good job. I don't think it was vocally as perfect as the judges let on, but Jordin is showing growth and more depth, and that's great.

Top of the heap:

  • Melinda
  • LaKisha

Third: Jordin

Middle of the pack:

  • Gina
  • Phil


  • Chris S
  • Blake
  • Stephanie

Unknown: Brandon

Should be in the bottom three but be safe:

  • Haley
  • Chris R

Must go home: Sanjaya

Other important items of note:

  • Diana Ross, you are a legend and a star, but there is NO SUCH FRICKIN' WORD AS "PRONUNCIATE"! Augh!
  • Ugliest cleavage of the night: Haley
  • Most delicious cleavage of the night: Melinda

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