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AI Review, 2007/03/07

Ahhh...nothing like a Wednesday night to highlight how pathetic Tuesday night was. The ladies are showing the men up sooo bad this year. Ouch.


You either have to have courage or stupidity (or both) to take on the Benatar. Considering the song choice, I think Jordin did a pretty good job. She certainly has the raw vocal talent. There were off notes, yes. And jiggly, teenage energy is NOT the same thing as aggressive angst, which is what this song requires. But she did have a few moments where she almost reached out through the screen and grabbed you by the scruff of the neck. So not bad. Solid. Probably could have been more solid if she hadn't been overshadowed, volume-wise, by the band and the backup singers.


A few bum notes and overly shouty tones did mar this performance a bit, but the quality of her voice and her on-stage presence cannot be denied. I would like her to show a little variety in her song choices, though.

Barbie Antonella

Sigh. Okay, in Antonella's favour, this was a VERY good song choice for her, especially compared to the horrendous choices she made the last two times out. Unfortunately, the girl just doesn't have the vocal chops (or ability to stay in-tune) to compete here. And her stage presence is not enough to make up for it. She is gorgeous to look at, and Simon's right, she seems to be handling the crap that's being dumped on her in the media very well. However, she does not belong in the top 12 and needs to be sent home post-haste. And you know that Marisa girl that Antonella beat out for a place in the top 24? She must be gnawing on her liver right now for having been passed over in favour of this kind of crap, poor thing.


Very solid, as usual, although I think there were a couple of faintly iffy moments vocally. But she's going to have to change it up a little bit to keep me interested over the long haul.


I think Haley's doing the best she can. She sounded great, she chose a song that I thought suited her just fine. It's just that she suffers in comparison to the consummate professionalism that runs rampant within her competitors. Also, her hand movements are kinda annoying.


Most people are fools to invite comparison to A Voice such as The Whitney. But hooooo, can LaKisha hold her own vocally! That sounded dee-licious. Unfortunately, I have yet to see a return of that STUNNING stage presence that we saw in Top 24 Week. And this song NEEDED it. When she got to that part about 'don't you walk away from me', we all should have been BLASTED back in our seats. But it never went there. Sad She should have DEMANDED attention from the audience towards the end, and didn't. So I was a bit disappointed, even though by comparison to almost everyone else it was terrific.


Ack! So weak vocally tonight! Her voice sounded stretched very thinly, and she missed several key notes. But I enjoyed the performance, I liked watching her have fun, and I especially liked the totally different style she brought to the evening. Not so much liking the peekaboo thing with the pink bra, but hey, stuff happens. Smiley I agree with Simon, I think we need her in the top 12. I hope America puts her through.


What is there to say? I mean, really, WHAT IS THERE TO SAY?!? I so love her. LOVE. HER. That was amazing.

Standout winner: Melinda

#2: LaKisha

Into the top 12:

  • Sabrina
  • Stephanie

Not so certainly into the top 12 but I sure as hell hope so:

  • Jordin (who gets my thumbs-up for making us laugh at Seacrest's shortness without being at all mean about it)
  • Gina

Cannot win in this crowd: Haley

Must go immediately: Antonella

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