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AI Review, 2007/03/27

Was it just me, or did Gwen not seem very helpful for the Idols? We've had fantastic insights and imparted wisdom in the previous two weeks from the other guest artists - Gwen just seemed to listen to the kids and not offer much except for her star power. Oh, well.


Let's get something straight right now - every time LaKisha opens her mouth, it is a vocal tour de force. I mean, her pipes are an absolute gift, she could cruise to the top five on that alone. And always, always with the professional presence, too. But I keep waiting week after week for the same kind of mind-blowing, goddamn-this-woman-is-a-star intensity that we saw in the first voting week when she made Jennifer Hudson look kinda sick. Come on, LaKisha, bring that back!

Chris S.

His voice sounded a bit weird at the beginning, with some tempo problems. But I think it picked up a bit later on, although I don't think he caught any of the charm of the song. Chris doesn't seem to be picking up and improving week-to-week, which I hate, because he's one of the few genuinely cool people in this competition.


GREAT vocal. Really, I think the best we've heard out of her yet. And a really good match with her style. Good vulnerability in the performance, too. I just wish I could get past the horrible hair and wardrobe choice. Ick! (Except for the boots. The boots were kinda cool.) But good on Gina - very good stuff.

And now, a commercial break, during which I shall retch from the two-second clip of Sanjaya's hair. What the HELL?!?


Pretty good vocally. But honey - oh, HONEY. I just can't buy the "bad boy" thing. No. And come on, even Nadia had a hard time pulling off the fauxhawk. Remembering all the words would be good, too. Simon was bang-on - the boy is in his own damn universe. I'm even kind of numb to the pain now.


Meh. It was nice. Sounded nice, looked nice...nice, nice, nice. Whatever. Simon nailed it with 'sweet and forgettable'. Next?


If you ignore the horribly cheezy runs right at the end, that was GREAT. His voice sounded fantastic and he brought the right creepy intensity to the performance that this song needs. Highly highly enjoyable. Way to go, Phil.


Disco queen! :) She could've brought a bit more fun to the performance, but hell, that was damn good anyway.


I genuinely liked that. Nice intensity, and there was something very sincere and caressing and all-the-time-in-the-world about it. I didn't find it boring. I especially liked the verses - his voice sounded excellent in them. Unfortunately, not so excellent in the choruses, though. I like Blake's softer voice much better - I find his voice too strained when he goes strong.


I've never seen the video, but this struck me as being highly imitative. There seemed to be much more of the teen-girl-singing-into-her-hairbrush than the genuine performance about it. To the point that I found some of it to be a bit painful/embarrassing to watch. That said, there were a few really dynamic moments (especially right at the beginning) where you could really see what kind of an electric, exciting, highly current popular artist she could be.

Chris R.

Didn't believe it at all. Well sung, but with lyrics like that, you have to bring out the heartbreak - I felt zero heartbreak emanting from him. Actually, I don't think I felt much of anything emanating from him.


  • Gina
  • Phil
  • Melinda
  • Blake


  • LaKisha
  • Chris R

In danger:

  • Chris S (please stay, please stay, please stay...)
  • Sanjaya
  • Haley
  • Jordin

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