Tuesday, March 20, 2007

AI Review, 2007/03/20

Great night tonight! Good TV. Nice job, kids. The voting could go very weirdly this week. Personally, I'd like to keep all the Idols around and vote Ashley the hell off the show, NEVER to return.


I agree with bits of what all the judges said. I think the song choice was very good. I think she showed more personality than we've ever seen from her. It was fun, and pretty well sung. Unfortunately, she was often overpowered by the band and backup singers, and frankly, I'll be remembering her legs more than the performance or the singing. But I do think it was the strongest thing I've seen from her yet, and from all the post-performance banter with Seacrest, I'm liking her personally more every week.

Chris R.

That was quite good. Well sung, nicely brought up-to-date without losing the charm of the melody, and a pretty honest performance. I'm still not a fan of the quality of his voice, but I have to admit that the overall effect was very strong.


Simon made a very good point about Stephanie losing her 'edge'. I thought this was a good song choice for her and that it sounded really good, but it didn't pack the emotional punch that it totally, TOTALLY could have if she'd really thrown her soul into it. With that arrangement and her voice and presence, she could have had hearts completely crying for her all over the continent. Instead, it came off as adequate.


Really good use of the beatbox thing to 'accessorize' the song. Verrry seductive verses. Unfortunately, slightly painful choruses, hearing his voice strain to hit the high notes. A lower key would have served him better. But good stuff.


Meh. I'm with Lulu, she really, REALLY should have gone for the other song. Ack. It sounded good, but it was very hokey/cruise ship-ish. Underwhelming.

Sinéad Phil

Lots of fun. Sounded awesome! I still wanted him to really pull it out more - as Simon said, with more 'grit', but I mean with the performing, not the voice - but overall, I liked what he did with it. (P.S. to Phil: Clean your shirt. Seriously, dude.)


Niiice. Very wow. And, uh, hello, Simon? The fact that you felt like jumping off a bridge means that her emotional connection with the song and audience was spot-on. This performance was also noteworthy for provoking a bee-yew-tiful dis of Simon by Ryan.


What. The. FUUUCK!!! Was THAT?!? I think that was the most unbelievable week-to-week turnaround ever in the history of Idol. Sanjaya was actually...um...good. There was rock. There was oomph. There was even - dare I say it - a bit of Mick Jagger channelling going on. The only truly annoying part of the whole thing was the constant cut-out to tearful Ashley (which was hardly Sanjaya's fault). I think I sat with my mouth hanging open the whole time. Way to go, kid. You turned something I fully expected to be unbearably painful into something genuinely entertaining. The shock value alone allows me to ignore the fact that it got kinda weak in the second half.


Loooove the hair. Not so sure what I thought about the performance, though. The vocal was weak in a lot of spots and the intensity sometimes fell down. but there were also bits I really liked. So, tough to call. She could be in real danger this week, though.

Chris S.

As always, glorious vocal. And great song choice. (I really dig Chris' taste in music.) Honestly, I could close my eyes and listen to him for ages. But I don't think he took Peter's advice to find the real (tragic) meaning of the song and sell it.


Beautiful. Totally pro. The only bone I have to pick is that nobody who covers this song on this show EVER seems to have actually SEEN the damn musical! I wish someone would bring out the TRAGEDY of this song: The character singing is in an abusive relationship with a man who eventually BEATS HER TO DEATH. This is not a love song, people! Imagine how powerful it would be if someone played it properly! But still - a great performance.


  • Chris R. (although not as strong as the two ladies I've put into this category)
  • Jordin
  • Melinda


  • Stephanie
  • Blake
  • Phil
  • Sanjaya
  • Chris S.

At risk:

  • Haley
  • LaKisha
  • Gina

Hard to say who's going home - I'm thinking it's a toss-up between Haley and Gina.

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