Tuesday, July 03, 2007

CI Review, 2007/07/04

The guys outclassed the girls this week.


Okay, scads better song choice for her this week. Josh Grobin is much more up her alley than Aerosmith (I still can't believe she did that) and it made her far more accessible to people. And of course her voice is terrific. I voted for her once on the strength of her voice.


Her performance was slightly more meaningful than last week (not saying much, that), but still, it never really got off the ground until the end. Plus it was vocally iffy in spots. Meh.


She really thinks she's all that, doesn't she? Like, every moment she's on stage, she exudes this feeling of "I am a PROFESSIONAL, people! I know what I'm DOING! All I need to do is get discovered and I will be UP there with the likes of Celine and Whitney! Now where's my trailer?" But the reality is that she drained everything out of that song that I love about it without even sounding all that good. And this is twice now that she's received that kiss of death, "You look great."

Carly Rae

I cannot believe that singling out an audience member actually kind of worked. (I am, incidentally, hoping that Andrew was allowed to go back stage to change his pants during the next commercial break.) I really like her. Her joy on stage is great and the performance was fun. Her voice is a little annoying because of its girly quality, but hopefully she'll choose songs that turn that into a plus. I voted for her eight times (I meant to do seven, but I accidentally pressed redial one too many times.)


Bland. This was a very bad song choice because the song didn't highlight the strengths of her voice at ALL. It did get a bit better towards the end, but all in all it fell kinda painfully flat.


Her moves are so ridiculously outlandish, I should be laughing my ass off at her. But I LOVE it! She ROCKS! I love how into it she gets. Rock ON, girl! She's so damn cool and so the real deal. I voted for her twelve times.


I admit, I cannot listen to this song anymore without laughing because of the images it conjures up for me of Donkey singing it in Shrek. But! That aside, I love having someone on this show with real soul. She owns that stage. She's a pleasure to watch and listen to. I cannot BELIEVE she was in the bottom three last week, I think the rest of the country must be on crack. I voted for her twelve times.


First off, she suffered tremendously in comparison to the performance that preceded her. Mila has soul (which is an absolute prerequisite to perform this song) oozing out of every pore. Whereas Annika has no freakin' clue. There was no soul whatsoever...but plenty of hairbrush-in-front-of-the-mirror vibes. Yeesh. But hey, at least she had fun up there.


Well, the strut was cheezy but she sure can sing, and she does come out as a 'lead singer' type when she's up there. But I agree that the song choice didn't do much for her. Nevertheless, I voted for her five times.

Top of the pack: Montana and Mila
Very good: Carly Rae
Decent: Khalila and Martha
Kinda painful: Tara, Naomi-Joy, Scarlett and Annika

Personally, I'm gunning for Naomi-Joy to hit the skids this week.

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