Wednesday, July 11, 2007

CI Review, 2007/07/10

I think Zack was on crack when he said all the girls were 'in tough tonight'. Did he watch the same show I did? By and large - and especially compared to the guys - it was a very ho-hum evening. What I'd like to do is keep all the guys, or maybe just ditch Brian, and keep only three or four of the girls, because there are not many of them that belong in the top ten, I tell ya. Sheesh.


Ouch. Oh, my poor ears. Okay, yes, that performance may have been free and natural as per the judges' opinions, but MAN! Vocally it was a total train wreck. I can't believe the judges thought she sounded good. I thought she sounded painfully bad.


I thought the buildup to the end was well done. She didn't completely nail the vocal gymnastics she was going for, but she was close enough that I still think she sounded great. She also has a maturity on stage that I find very appealing. I voted for her four times.

Carly Rae

Head and shoulders above the rest of the pack this week. I do cringe when she turns on the 'sexy' because it clashes so very, VERY badly with her ingenue, elfin vibe. But aside from that I thought she was great this week.


Argh, she is sooo fake and politicianish in the spontaneous banter! ARGH! Cannot. Stand. It. However, I must admit it was her best-sung and grooviest performance yet, although it lost momentum towards the end. I'd still love to see her gone off my television screen, though. And did she honestly call Ben BENNY at the end of her slot? Yeesh.


Okay, I love Montana, but this week - no. Bad song choice. Her voice sounded week and the performance didn't blast the way we've seen the past two weeks. I absolutely think she should be top ten, but not based on that performance. I'm kinda worried about what the voting public will do. But I voted for her twice anyway because of what she's shown in previous weeks.


Okay, Martha, 'showing your joy' does not equal 'smiling and never stopping'. The permagrin means nothing if there's nothing behind it. Admittedly, it did get more real as it went on. Plus, the juxtaposition of the song and her broadway style didn't work for me at the end. But the girl really can sing, so I voted for her once.


I still find her personally repelling, but unfortunately for me, that spilled over into her performance this week. She sounded fantastic, but the obnoxious aura turned me off and the soft porn rolling on the piano was icky. However, I love her voice and her soul so I voted for her four times anyway.


I am hoping against all hope that we say goodbye to Annika this week. I would LOVE it if Tara could join her, but that so ain't gonna happen. I think, to my sorrow, it's actually going to be Mila - the voting public seems to be completely oblivious to the fact that she is awesome and keeps putting her in the bottom three, so I think this week her ride will be over. Either that or Khalila.

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