Tuesday, July 17, 2007

CI Review, 2007/07/17

Tip for everyone: If you sing to the audience in the balcony, you aren't connecting with the voting audience on the other side of the television cameras.

A very ho-hum evening for the most part. Very few people came to win.


He came to win but I've come to the conclusion that he just doesn't sing very well, which is a shame. So it was pretty intelligent that his profile highlighted his muscles and rough, tough occupation. It is with a big red face that I must admit I voted once purely for the fisherman hotness.


I was looking for a bit more angst during the performance, but generally I thought it was a smart song choice and that she sang it well. It's just that I agree with Zack that I'm not sure 'nice' and 'mature' - which the performance certainly was - is going to electrify people enough to vote.

Carly Rae

The band was too loud. I could barely hear her voice. And there was an essential clash of SOMETHING - her style and what she tried to do with the song, perhaps? I'm not sure. All I know is that I just didn't like her as much as I usually do. Plus her skirt was too short - seems like she's imitating Haley Scarnato's "if you can't wow 'em with your performance, show off your legs" strategy. (Ick.) I'm with Zack, I didn't get it. Also, she needs to trim her bangs.


How many takes do you think they had to do before they got him actually catching that football? ;) Anyway...I thought he sounded great, but he missed getting the right emotional connection with the song. (Hint: "permagrin" is not the correct emotional connection, dude.) But to my surprise, I found myself voting for him three times. Oh, and by the way, EVERY Idol in the history of Idolness should pay attention to Zack's advice about moving around the stage with an actual purpose. Thank heavens someone finally said it!


Again, the band was too loud. The arrangement didn't showcase her voice enough. As always, singling out one audience member was totally lame-o. Her outfit was bad. And generally it was very karaoke.


Why am I not surprised that the senior demographic loves him? On the other hand, I bet the tween girl demographic also goes gaga for Jaydee. At any rate, this was the closest thing to a star that we've seen up to this point in the evening. As cheezy as the oldie vibe was, I was definitely entertained. I am also seriously disturbed about how good-looking I'm finding someone who's less than half my age. Yeesh. I voted for him ten times.


Vote for the Worst is going to have a FIELD DAY with Greg's manic wiggles tonight, but I thought the performance was really good. Someone finally showed up to really win. I agree with Jake that the intensity was great. I voted for him ten times.


One painful note aside, damn, I actually had to vote for the voice three times. I also have to admit that her style/intensity is improving.


She really doesn't do a damn thing for me and frequently her voice goes right off. Ouch. I have no idea why she's still here.


He started out great and very groovy. This could have been a pretty spectacular performance, actually, but it felt like he kept getting distracted from his focus here and there. Also, it wasn't strong vocally at every moment. But it was a very smart choice and I was certainly entertained. I voted for him eight times.

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