Tuesday, July 03, 2007

CI Review, 2007/07/03

Guys were pretty darn good last night! I was entertained.


You always gotta kind of cringe at songs where it's mostly just one line repeated over and over again...but hey, he pulled it off. What can I say, I like the dude, he exudes the real deal and evokes Mick Jagger in a serious way.


I'm trying to figure out why I'm not retching all during his performances. I mean, the kid is as fresh-faced as they come, totally 50s-era innocent, cheeze and camp oozing all over everything he does...why do I not want to kill him? Instead I find him genuine and entertaining. There's an essential spark that he has that really makes him likeable. I would, however, like to see in future weeks if he can pull off something serious and emotional. (I can say 'future weeks' with confidence, because his charm, voice and white-bread good looks totally GUARANTEE he'll be sticking around.)


I think I winced when I heard what he was singing - one of the most overdone songs in Idol history - and I was expecting a repeat of the overuse of vibrato that we got from him last week. But to my delight, he really pulled it off, not just with his great voice, but with the sincerity of his performance. What also made it good was, as Sass said, the phrasing. Well done. Next time, Matt, match the clothes with the song and you'll be great.


The voice was a bit weak and pitchy this week, but he did sell the song well, so it almost doesn't matter. I suspect, though, that it was not enough of an audience-grabber performance to be memorable for voters.


Foot-tappity! Good stuff, I liked it. I have no idea if the copying of song ideas from AI contestants is deliberate or not, but I'm hoping for some originality next week.


Erk. Schlock with a struggling voice. Next?


I love this song. And Liam sounded great, I agree with the judges about the depth and quality of his range and the distinctiveness of his voice. But the performance had no meaning! I think it was Zack who said the guts were missing, and I agree. Plus, very few peple can successfully pull off the 'flirting with one audience member' thing, folk, please, just don't do it, it's total cheeze, and not in a good way.


Hey, I enjoyed that! Entertaining, sounded great (anyone else think he sounded like Sting?), thumbs up.


This started out a bit lamely, but then, whammo! he pulled it out! Good on him. You hardly ever see that kind of genuine rawness on an Idol show. Props to Dwight.

Conclusions: Clifton is sooo obviously going home this week. As for the other guys, I suspect Matt, Brian and Liam may be the most in danger.

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